Winter Road Congress in Lahti

Johan Odelius (Luleå University of Technology) and Virve Karsisto (FMI) presented WiRMa project outcomes in 32nd Winter Road Congress in Lahti, Finland in early February 2018. The presentation was titled ‘Towards Industrial IoT in Winter Road Maintenance’. You can access the presentation here and have a look at the whole congress publication here.

Journal Article

A journal article published in Journal of Quality in Maintenance Engineering was published in 2017. The article title is ‘Industrial Internet Applications for Efficient Road Winter Maintenance’. The article describes a concept of floating data for an industrial internet application for efficient road maintenance.

Winter Road Maintenance Planning – Decision Support Modelling

A research committed by Keegan Mbiyana has been published in the series of Luleå University of Technology. The research was done in master’s thesis work for maintenance engineering. It delivers a framework for maintenance planning and an algorithm for maintenance vehicle routing. The thesis document can be found here.